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 Sinzaram's application

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PostSubject: Sinzaram's application   Mon Sep 19 2016, 19:57

Name: Sinzaram (bloody blade in Thalassian)
Class: Blood Death Knight
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 85 (I haven't played since 2011 (Cataclysm). Already ordered Legion on Ebay, gonna lvl at least my main character to 110.)

Short Biography:
During the fall of Silvermoon Sinzaram was among the last defenders of the city, but at that moment nothing could be done againts the countless minions of the Scourge. However, it turned out that even death couldn't grant Sinzaram peace - by the evil will of the Lich King he was turned into a Death Knight and assigned to the Ebon Hold of Acherus under the comand of Highlord Darion Mograine. After breaking from the Lich King's contros Sinzaram doesn't remember much about his past, however alongside fighting greater evil, he wishes to rediscover his elven heritage, serve his people once again and make Quel'Thalas a glorious kingdom once more. The only thing he still remembers how to feel is the love to his nation.

How you heard of the guild forum : I searched in Guild search menu, found this guild and got very interested.

What you expect from the guild : Exploration of elven culture, communication with people who share my hobby and are fans of blood elves siince childhood just like me. Well...and of course contributing to the Guild development and growth.
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PostSubject: Re: Sinzaram's application   Tue Sep 20 2016, 22:09

I've read your application and would like to arrange an IC interview. I'll message you in-game as soon as I can, but if I can't get hold of you soon, please let me know when you're available here. Thanks!
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Sinzaram's application
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