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 Elementaris Application

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PostSubject: Elementaris Application   Elementaris Application Icon_minitimeMon Oct 03 2016, 00:36

Name: Elementaris
Class: Mage
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 65

Short Biography:
[NOTE: As a child. Lilly wasn't known under the name of Elementaris.]
In the age of three, Lilly, got abandoned by her parents and soon after Tosamina (Assistant in the Ogrimmar Orphanage) has taker care of her. Her life as a young blood elf in the orphanage surrounded by the orcs wasnt easy. She got discriminated for not being able to hold the sword properly. The blade of the sword wasn't for made for her delicate elfish hands.
Few years later, on Lilly's 12th anniversary of her arrival she met a trader from the land of Silvermoon. The stranger handed her a spellbook and a Dignified Headmaster's Staff; he told her to return to Silvermoon with him. She was hesitating, but the curiosity forced her to agree and follow the stranger to the eastern kingdoms.
The stranger's name was Aliahn, She didnt see his face nor skin because his whole body was covered by dark cloak. The only thing that was visible were his glowing green eyes. Aliahn decided to tell her about her parents, and how they had to leave her at the orphanage for her safety. He also told her about her blood elf mother, the arcane mage however the didn't want to mention her father.
It took them weeks to arrive in front of the gates of the city of stormwind. For the first time in her life, Lilly, saw crowds of citizens that were the same race as her. She wanted to look around the stormwind and talk to shopkeepers but Aliahn told her not to waste the time and to follow her. Soon after they arrived in front of an inn. Aliahn told her to go into the room number 8. She didnt ask any questions of him and followed his orders.
IN the room there was a huge bed and a night stand. On the Night stand there was an envelope. She hesitated to open it, but then she finally decided to. Inside it there was a letter explaining how her mother fell in love with a human paladin and how her father got send to death for betraying the alliance. Also inside the envelope there was pencil drawing of her mother and father that she keeps as her treasure to this day. After leaving the room Aliahn told her to live under the name of Elementaris because the blood elfs would kill her for being the spawn of the human.
To this day Lilly is looking for her mother, but she knows nothing nothing expect her name; Verial; and the way she looks.

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Elementaris Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Elementaris Application   Elementaris Application Icon_minitimeMon Oct 03 2016, 18:25

Hello, first and foremost I would like to thank you for applying to join Sang Real. Smile However there are some questions I have regarding your application that I would like to address before I can accept the application. I would appreciate it if you can please contact me via PM on this forum or poke me ingame on Daeris-ScarshieldLegion so we can discuss this. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you Smile
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Elementaris Application
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