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 Some few facts about the guild.

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Some few facts about the guild. Empty
PostSubject: Some few facts about the guild.   Some few facts about the guild. Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17 2008, 20:38

Hello, what follows is an additional explanation about meetings and other events held by our guild.

1. Where can I find information regarding the meeting/event?
Meetings and events are set in the Calendar.

2. Are meeting/events IC or OOC?
All meetings and events are IC unless stated otherwise.

3. Where can I find information about cancellation of a meeting/event?
If a meeting/event is cancelled (because members cannot come, server is undergoing maintenance or whatever), you will hopefully be informed as soon as possible in-game, if the cancellation doesn't happen on the forum itself.

4. Do I have to go to every meeting/event?
No, you do not have to participate in every general access event. However, if you skip several meetings/events in a row without a valid reason we may consider removing you from the guild because of your lack of involvement, or give you a demotion in the guild. We assume that by joining Sang Real you wish to participate in the main storyline and storylines of other members, quest together, go instances and generally have fun in a group of like-minded people. We do not condone joining a guild just for the sake of being in one - if you join Sang Real we expect you to be active and this involves visiting the forum and posting on it if you have something to say or share and attending meetings events if you can.
Simply put, we would like to see that you wish to be involved with our guild.

If a meeting/event will be set up on the Calendar, you should sign in for this event if you want to participate in it. Even though weekly meetings are a general access event, which means that everyone can come, and are not obligatory, your regular attendance will be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot go to meeting/event, you should tell this to Turidas or whoever is organising the event and write a short note about this. It's not very nice to say you will come and then miss the meeting/event without a word.

5. Are there any penalties for nonconformity to rules?
Yes, there are. If you persist in breaking guild rules or deliberately miss events, your membership may be suspended. However, bear in mind that it is not our intent to stand over you with an axe waiting to punish you for even the smallest transgression. No, we wish to have as many members as possible and have really good fun together.

6. Can I stage my own event during somebody else's event?
Yes you can but you must observe a few points. First of all, consult your idea with the author of the main event some time in advance and get his or her approval. Otherwise you may disrupt this main event and while this may potentially lead to some great RP it may spoil the greater plan that person had for the event. If you do not get an approval for your own episode, don't fret and stage it at some other time but whatever you do do not act on your own! You risk breaking somebody else's plan to pieces which is never looked upon kindly.

If you have any questions, do tell Turidas in-game.
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Some few facts about the guild.
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