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 The Guild Rules of Sang Real

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PostSubject: The Guild Rules of Sang Real   The Guild Rules of Sang Real Icon_minitimeThu Jul 17 2008, 20:41

What follows is a detailed explanation of the rules of Sang Real. These rules must be observed by everyone at all times with no exception. Violation of these rules may result in demotion or, in serious cases, expulsion from the guild.

1. Be polite and kind to others. ALWAYS.

This is our rule number 1! All other existing and future rules are and will be secondary to this one. How many times have you met or teamed up with player that were impolite or plain rude to others? Was it a pleasant experience to play with them? I doubt it. "A little politeness goes a long way" the World of Warcraft tip says and it is very true. We will strive to be remembered by others as players it is always a pleasure to team up with.

What do politeness and kindness ? It is all very simple: use the words "please", "thank you", "excuse me"; do not swear in the open channel (unless you are talking in character of course); do not open trade or invite others to your team without contacting them first in /w and generally use good manners in contacts with others.

2. Role playing, while not obligatory at all times, is highly encouraged.

There are way too many guilds out there who treat their gaming experience too seriously, be it role playing, raiding or engaging in PvP. Let us not treat role playing as a obligation or a job.

3. No corpse camping!

This is another important rule. While it's undoubtedly fun to kill some Alliance from time to time do not camp the place where they died. You must know yourself, how annoying it is when you cannot ressurect because a player from the opposing faction is waiting there for you to kill you again and again. Do not copy their behaviour. If you were killed and want to avenge your death - do it and go on. Do not wait to kill that player again and again. Do not turn other players' experience with World of Warcraft into a nightmare.

4. Be helpful to other guild members.

Once in a while everyone of us may chance upon a quest he or she cannot do solo and finding a team may prove complicated or impossible. That's where the fact that we are a guild comes into play. If you cannot help a stuck guild member at the moment he or she asks for your help, try to arrange it for a bit later.

5. Limited characters in the guild.

People might be questioning this one. However: The thing is, the more alts in the guild, the less attention put on the characters IC-wise. Either you are an active guild member with one character - two if your rank is Knight or above - or you're not, simply. But rmember: no matter what character you are on, you can still be in the ooc-channel to get information about what is going on.

6. Character pregnancy is forbidden.

While serving Quel'Thalas and protecting it against large threats, that could cause devastation to the land, being pregnant has become forbidden. Apart from that it may prevent people from upholding their duty, the pregnant women become easy targets - and if something would happen to the child during a fight, it might mess one's mind up for many years, having them unable to perform as they should.

7. Displayed name and IC-name should be the same.

In order to save just about everyone the confusion: your character's name must be the same both displayed and IC. This way people won't keep asking the character's name all the time or accidently say the wrong and make a confusion here and there and now and then.

8. Character level requirement.

In order to show that you actually care about your character and not just join the guild for the sake of it, you will have to be at a level of atleast 20 (65 for Death Knights) to join the guild.

9. Guild tabard or cloak.

While your character is serving Sang Real, it is important to represent it's colours during duty hours. And because of this: Your character must either wear a Sang Real tabard or a Sang Real cloak, whichever suits you the most.

10. Have a lot of fun.

Video and computer games are a form of entertainment first and foremost and they should be fun. So have fun with World of Warcraft... within reasonable boundaries of course.
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The Guild Rules of Sang Real
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